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Terms & Conditions




  1. General
    BRNSO OFFLINE is a mix between shop and gallery with selected works of the most talented designers from all over the world, which the visitors absolutely need to know about. Ranging from easy-to-take-home objects to bigger pieces for visitors who fall in love at first sight.

    The former hospital of Kortrijk houses part of the off site program that will be open a bit longer. It will also be the location for the Baroness O. spin off shop. 

  2. Date, location, opening
    BRNSO OFFLINE is an organization of Baroness O., with registered office in 1800 Vilvoorde, Schaarbeeklei 636 VAT No. 0849.011.306, represented here by Anne Van Assche, during Biennale Interieur 2018, organized by Biennale Interieur, at Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk Belgium and will take place on 18, 19, 20,21 and 22 October 2018 from 10h - 20h, starting with a press preview, VIP and opening night on 17 October 2018 from 18h - 23h.

    The side program will go under the name of To Object and will take place in the former hospital Sint Maarten, Burgemeester Vercruysselaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk on 18, 19, 20,21 and 22 October 2018 from 12h - 20h and 26, 27 28 October 2018 and 2, 3 and 4 November from 12h - 18h.

  3. Delivery and retrieval products
    Participants are responsible for the delivery and collection of their pieces.

    The pieces must be delivered at latest Monday 15 October 2018 but not before 10 October.
    We also ask for an overview (what, quantity, colors, sizes ...) of the pieces that will be presented as soon as possible in order to create a clear and complete inventory.

    Please attach a label to the outside of the packaging of the object when delivering it to the venue of INTERIEUR 2018 so we know what the box contains and where it has to go without opening it.

    Ship to the following address:

    Interieur 2018
    att : Mrs. Ann Goethals
    Kortrijk XPO
    Doorniksesteenweg 216
    Entrance Rambla Zuid
    B -  8500  Kortrijk

    Return shipping : 
    You are responsible for the retrieval of your piece(s). We need time after Interieur 2018 to re-package the pieces.

    For pieces only sold at the Expo and not in the city shop boxes will be ready for retrieval on Tuesday October 23th from 1 pm and must be retrieved by Wednesday October 24th by 5 pm at the latest. After this time safe keeping is no longer guaranteed,please prepare the paperwork in advance, include it in your shipment and inform your forwarder!

    For pieces sold the city shop located in the former hospital, boxes will be ready for retrieval on Monday November 5th from 1 pm and must be retrieved by Thursday November 8th by 5 pm at the latest. After this time safe keeping is no longer guaranteed, please prepare the paperwork in advance, include it in your shipment and inform your forwarder!

    In case the items arrive damaged, Baroness O. cannot be held responsible for the insurance.

  4. Registration, pricing and payment
    Baroness O. takes a commission of 30% on the sale price excluding VAT. Afterwards we make an invoice of the items sold of 30% of the sales price + 21% VAT. This invoice will be sent to you at the latest one month afterwards.

  5. Liability

    5.1 The organizers are not liable for any damage caused to the participant by shortcomings of the organization in the implementation of the organizers between participant and incurred obligations, unless such damage is caused by far going negligence or intent of the organizers.

    5.2 The organizers only accept liability for the damage suffered by the participant who is due to a shortcoming in the fulfilment of their commitment to the participant; insofar it is covered by their liability insurance.

    5.3 Goods on the event location or the surrounding grounds are for the account and risk of the participant. The organizers do not assure them. The organizers are not liable for damage or theft from any cause whatsoever to property or persons caused by or in connection with participation in MARKET. Neither are the organizers liable for third-party damages. The participant shall indemnify the organizers for claims by third parties on this account.

    5.4 The participant shall indemnify the organizers against all claims by others in connection with their acts or omissions that could apply to the organizers.

    5.5 The organizers do not give guarantees about visitor numbers or guarantees of sales.

  6. Superior numbers

    The service provider is freed by right and not obliged to fulfil any obligation in the event of superior numbers. ‘Superior Numbers’ means the situation where the execution of the contract in whole or in part, temporarily or not, prevented by circumstances beyond the control of the service provider, even though it was already foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the agreement. 

    Be regarded as superior number: delays in or failure of delivery by suppliers, loss of business resulting from accidents, strike, lockout, fire, electrical, computing, internet or telecommunications failures, decisions or interventions by public authorities (including the denial or cancellation of a permit or license), fuel shortages and errors or delays caused by a third person. The service provider is not required to prove the irresponsible and unpredictable nature of the circumstance which results in superior number.

  7. Applicable law

    This agreement is governed by the Belgian law.

    Any invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this agreement under Belgian law will not in any way bring the validity and / or enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement in jeopardy.

    All disputes between the parties arising from the conclusion, execution, termination and / or interpretation of the agreement will be submitted to the courts of the district of Antwerp, Department of Mechelen. and