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A while ago we met Sofie Claes at an event where she was presenting her very first handbag design in an accessory contest. We immediately fell in love with the handbag, not just because it’s handbag and we like handbags, but the way it was designed and the way she thought about ‘holding a purse’ made us connect. 

And off course she won the accessory contest with this amazing handbag design.

 Sofie Claes is the creative talent behind Wolf., a young Antwerp based fashion label. The SS 2012 collection is based on the abstract artwork of Malevich, who focused on geometric forms and the eliminating unnecessary pieces. 

Minimalistic, geometric shapes, timeless designs and quality craftsmanship; these elements describe the soul behind the Wolf. label. A strong appearance and a down-to-earth style with a sharp eye for detailing is how Sofie Claes describes Wolf.

All garments are made in Belgium to ensure high quality and to contribute to sustainability of the environment.
Whenever you wear an item of Wolf. you’re ensured that you’re wearing a unique piece because all pieces are handmade and contain an identification number. So no embarrassing moments when you bump into someone, wearing an identical outfit.

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