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History is an underestimated tool. It keeps on finding mysterious ways to sneak back into our future.
While reading trough the story behind the Berlin-based label, ANNTIAN, my old art history classes raced trough my mind. It felt like I was reliving the idea behind the Gesamtkunstwerk or the base behind the Bauhaus ideology.

To be honest, I never really got the concept behind designing every little thing and detail. It seemed rather dull and impersonal.
However I found the concept behind ANNTIAN very resembling. Maybe you have to put things into perspective before making up your mind because now I totally understand why you’d want to design everything up to the extreme. It just makes more sense to explore your creativity to its fullest.

The ANNTIAN collections always tells a story. For SS13 they chose to work around the concept of gravity, this topic is the heart of the collection that covers clothing, accessories and interior in an intensive way.

The collection is inspired by constructive elements such as a hole in the ceiling, gravitation, polarity, attraction and rejectection.

Patterns show the element of a circle, curve and bow in contrast with straight lines.
Graphics and colors are hand painted or hand printed which makes every piece unique.
Besides that, they put great importance to regional manufacturers and usage of ecological fabrics and materials.