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Cooking Techniques

Considering electronic devices are becoming more and more influential in our lives, Italian design studio Thingk are looking at ways to adapt technology to a more natural model of interaction, based on touch, voice ­recognition and physical gestures. Fed up with boring looks, poor quality and a lack of innovation, the first two products in the GK series combine sleek design with innovative technology. The clock and scales are controlled by simple hand movements, making it easy and natural to use.

Resting on one side, the LED numbers of GKILO function as scales, displaying the weight of the objects you put on top.  When you flip it over, the lights will display the current time. You can easily reset the scale or adjust the time by hand motion.
The second object – CLOGK – acts as an eye-catching paperweight or accessory, but when activated it also functions as an analog clock or a kitchen timer.
Both the GKILO and CLOGK have a wireless connection to a mobile app, expanding their options: when weighing an object on GKILO, users can utilize the app to identify the object as a specific food item. The app will use the food type and weight to estimate cooking time, and transmit the information to CLOGK, setting it into timer mode. This connection between products allows for seamless and simple interaction.

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