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Fluxus Capacitor

The future of women’s appearance is the main inspiration source behind the new la fille d’O collection. Murielle Scherre, the designer of la fille d’O took her Fluxus Capacitor – the motorcycle from Back To The Future - for a ride into what will come and had a peek of how women fill feel about themselves and their bodies in the future.
What she saw is that modern technology has and will have a huge impact on our self-image. The Fluxus Capacitor collection is a self-fulfilling prophecy because, according to la fille d’O, we will actually, finally  become friends with our self-image in the future and embrace what we have instead of trying to be what we’re not.
The pieces of this collection can be worn as underwear, under a transparent dress or by itself as a piece of clothing. This crossover between lingerie and fashion is seamless, provides new opportunities and has absolutely no restrictions whatsoever.

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