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In Contrast

Would a night still be a night if there were not a day to compare it with?
The graduate students of Beckmans College of Design asked themselves this question. The result is an exhibition that explores a world of contradictions.

How can an object or a piece of furniture exert an act of resistance? Where do you draw the line between private and public? Can long-term happiness be found in materialism?

Spaces and objects carry history, descended directions that generate patterns, layers of inclusions and exclusion. The Desk by Minna Magnusson carries out an act of resistance. Against its direction, in opposition to a desk as a place for thinking.

Hej (hi) is not a word you say to yourself, nor is it a seat you use by yourself. Hej is a piece of furniture, designed by Sofia Holt, that breaks the ice between strangers. You are affected by, and depend on each other to sit comfortably.

To whom belongs public space? Everyone or no one? Stella Pilback designed a table built from a wall that became everybody’s.

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