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Luz, the SS14 collection by a.KNACKFUSS, tells a mysterious story throughout its clothes.
Luz is the name of a inter-dimensional city of higher consciousness.
The collection is inspired by a woman who enters the city gates by taking ayahuasca – an ancient medicine of the Amazonian Shamans – which opens up the world of its user trough vivid, intense hallucinations.
The user of the drug draws images of their journey. These psychedelic drawings form the key print in the collection, a surreal jungle scene replete with playful hidden elements.

The materials of the collection are inspired by nature and the Amazonian peoples’ approach towards it. Prints resemble banana fiber, veneer and net made from rattan in contrast with the futuristic neoprene and transparent plastic to strengthen the hallucinogenic story of the collection.

Fashionanne van assche