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Day 1

The Spanish designer JAIME HAYON shows his new projects for numerous brands, while giving insight on the creative process, technical development and innovation behind these designs.

DESIDERABILIA is an experiment, an acknowledgement and a survey on the conditionings that somewhat unconsciously determine individual choices and ambitions. All participating designers created their own personal “object of desire”, stimulating a consideration about the concepts of pleasure and happiness.

MINDCRAFT is an internationally recognized and award-winning exhibition concept presenting some of the best contemporary Danish craft and design, aiming to demonstrate quality, potential and versatility of new Danish designs.
Kristine Tilge Lund’s Untitled study between three points in six directions questions the fragility of porcelain. Utilitarian porcelain that we use on a daily basis is often expensive and fragile and should be handled with care, creating a particular kind of day-to-day interaction. This fragility is also the key element in this installation, which consist of 600 porcelain bars leaning against two opposite walls.

The Graffitizer, an installation by DANIEL BERIO who in 2013 graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, will slowly enrich the walls of the exhibition space with technologically generated graffiti. The Graffitizer generates algorithmic drawings inspired by Berio’s style of drawing and sketching graffiti letters. After years of experience as a graffiti artist, Berio attempted to convert his drawing style into a digital medium.

HAY set up camp in the city centre to show their newest collection, including the Wrong for Hay subline. Visitors could catch some new goods at the pop-up Mini Market.

VIJ5 is a Dutch collective focussing on lightning and accessories, but who also showed their new furniture collection. All cupboards, stools, tables … are made from Newspaper Wood, a material that looks like weathered wooden boards but are made from bundles of newspapers.

All Belgian Design at Venture Lambrate can be found at BELGEN, where LABT, Atelier Belge, Decolabs, De Invasie, School of Arts/KASK and De Invasie gathered their works in a Milanese Mansion.

COS and Nendo worked together on a specially commissioned installation and concept store exploring the re-imagination of everyday objects, in order to create a small “!” moment, providing a new, unexpected context for the iconic white shirt: a wearable classic that can be reinvented for a modern twist on convention.