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Suspension Balance

Founded by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee in 2010, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio develops a multidisciplinary approach to design.
The Seattle based studio experiments with different associations of materials in order to produce various sets of small objects, jewelry, furniture, lighting and beyond.
This dabbling methodology often results in surprising crossbreeding.

That is the case with their last collection “Shape-Up”, which offers a new range of lights and sculptural pieces and emphasizes L&G’s tendency to play with strong mixed-shape geometry.
Composed with materials such as wood and metal, most of the pieces on display also feature delicate glass elements made in collaboration with the glass artist John Hogan.
Based on the concept of suspension and balance, “Shape-up” develops a playful approach to object that allows us to experience them in a modular way and to adapt movement and shape according to our own needs and desires.

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