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Soft and simple

Soft lines and a simple design:  GRAIN lamp go back to basics, but adds a new perspective. For his latest design for MuutoJens Fager combines classic minimal design with innovative materials. He was inspired by the flexibility and movement of paper. By mixing bamboo fibers and plastic, the lamp has become a very tactile object, feeling almost mike textile or paper, showing an unexpected softness and warmth.
Though it looks like an archetypical, simple lamp at first glance, there is a lot at play in this piece of lightning. The quality of the lighting was very important,  so Fager installed a small reflector inside the lamp. This hidden device makes sure the outer and inner surface of the lamp’s design stays conjoined. To keep a clean and aesthetically-pleasing look it was important to hide all the electronic parts. The chord and the top of the lamp are integrated in a subtle way, almost unnoticeable.

anne van assche