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About Us

Jean Jullien – originally born in Nantes but now living in London – is quickly becoming a big name in illustration and graphics. His drawings are used in campaigns for brands like EurostarOpening Ceremony and Byron Burgers, have made it to multiple magazine covers en he has a few books to his name.
His characteristic thick brushstrokes and blocks of colour might look naive and maybe even childlike at first, but they are often witty, sharp analyses of society and politics – like the influence of technology in allo? and social interaction in his new series Us. The playful, popular images amuse the audience while engaging them on a deeper level, making them think about what is depicted as well.
Together with his brother, he also works on moving images. Changing between mediums allows him to use his drawings in other forms and in ways that wouldn’t be possible on a piece of paper.

After his first exhibition at Kemistry Gallery  in 2013, his second show will open on December 4th. Us is a collection of observations he made while living in London and New York, with a particular interest in people, how they live and how they interact and communicate. This will also be the very last exhibition that will be held at Charlotte Road, since Kemistry will be moving house soon.