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Hues and Glows

As part of her graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven, Éléonore Delisse looked into our sleeping habits. Our natural body clocks are affected by the presence of light. The lack of light in autumn and winter could disturb our internal clock, triggering a depression that’s known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. To combat these feelings, Delisse created a lamp that allows you to bring balance in your daily cycle of sleep. A glass rotates around a lamp that projects the colours that are needed at a particular time: a blue hue in the morning and a warm amber glow in the evening.

Delisse is interested in how we are connected to our surroundings. Since what we use, the space we live in and the services we use are of vital importance, this is what her designs focus on. Design should connect and make us aware of our surroundings, and should address our daily human needs.