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Starting points

Corners consists of a shelf and two matching dividers, that are layered according to size.
As designer Kyuhyung Cho noticed, we tend to structure and order things from one starting point. When writing, for instance, the upper left corner allows us to organise our words and thought, and use the pages efficiently.
Corners also gives you a corner to start from. The powder-coated steel dividers can be moved from side to side, creating a flexible way of arranging objects, based on size and form. The shelves will be available in different sizes and different colours, allowing you to create your own compositions and combinations. You can hang them onto a wall, or put them on a table or even simply on the floor.

Cho – who studies at Stockholms Konstfack – launched his project during the latest Stockholm Furniture Fair at the Greenhouse Section, where young designers and experimental prototypes have their spot. Menu will start with production later this spring.