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Tempo Polveroso


The magnificent surroundings urged him to get out of the studio walls. During his artist-in-residency project in Tuscany, Frederik Vercruysse had planned to work on a still life series, but the scenes outside proved very interesting as well. The result of his Italian stay is Tempo Polveroso, now on view at Graanmarkt 13.

The marble quarries in the vicinity of Villa Lena are portrayed in a painterly, abstract way. Links with reality are hard to find, which turns this natural-yet-human scenery and into a minimal, poetic image.
The images portraying the area and details of Villa Lena bathe in the same sense of mystery. Mist and light cover the scenes, making way for interesting, powdery layers. These images have a way of showing the beauty in decay, creating striking images with a hint of melancholy.

Tempo Polveroso will run from today, April 24, until May 30 at Graanmartk 13 in Antwerp.