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Paradise is out there

Poetry and print combine wonderfully in Studio Specht‘s latest production, which she produced for Picture Room in NY. Paradise is out there – a series of 10 digital illustrations – was inspired by Philip Larkin’s striking poem High Windows. Where the poet moves fluidly between present and past, observation and reflection, the prints fluctuate between pictorial states, toying with the idea that the window is a reflective portal through which you can see one another in a different time or space. Fractured patterns, completing colours and swift gradients evoke an image of an intangible, fluid paradise, suggesting a restless yearning and desire for, as Larkin says:
the deep blue air, that shows

Nothing, and is nowhere, and is endless.

The prints and words are topped off with a playlist filled with elegant, inspiring tunes – including tracks by Schlomo, Nosaj Thing, Clams Casino, Plaid and many more –  matching the mood and taking this desire even further.