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Henry Van De Velde 15

The first weeks of January are always a highlight in Belgian design circles, as it means the Henry Van de Velde Awards and Labels are being announced. These awards congratulate some of Flanders' best design, showing the abundance of projects, ideas and designs that flourish in Flanders.
The awards of 2015 - the 22nd edition - acknowledge and recognize creativity, innovation and experimentation in the broad field that is design. A piece of furniture, books, a technical innovation, apps, service design, ... The labels and awards really span the entire range, highlighting ideas in almost every possible sector and signalling new developments, encouraging designers and companies to look further.

The Henry Van de Velde Label is a quality check for Flemish design, which has been granted to 19 very different designs this year. Some of our favoritues include the simple yet striking Austere-T desk lamp by Hans Verstuyft and Trizo21, the interactive videowall at the MOMU by David Dos SantosSanny Winters' book designs, the surprising Tumble cupboard by Koen Devos, the dreamy Nuée textile collection form Verilin, ... 

This year's award for Company goes to Materialise, which has grown out to be a leading international player in 3D printing and research. Made is this year's Young Talent. This Antwerp-based design and innovation studio help its clients create new things by looking at the user's insightsand using them for products, services and digital interfaced. 
Paul Verhaert receives an award for his entire career, as founder and CEO of Verhaert. it has always been his mission to think up innovative new products and services for other companies, which has resulted in more than 500 innovatie products in space exploration, medicine, furniture design, ... He is the man behind numerous technical innovations - like the system that is up until now used in reclinig chairs - but has always remained more in the background. 

Special mention goes to Unfold and Lien Wauters, who are behind the wonderful scenography of the accompanying exhibition in BOZAR. Looking for the best way to exhbit such a variety in objects calls for creative solutions, which they foudn within the prize-winning objects itself. Geometric shapes and bold colour combinations call attention, without overshadowing the expo. The set really revolves around the objects and designs that are highlighted. The Nuée linen collection by Verilin, for example, inspired their use of colour. The scenography creates a festive, lively background tat suits the exhibited objects perfectly. 

The free exhibition in BOZAR runs until 20/03.