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Boring Collection

Lensvelt and architecture studio Space Encounters collaborate on a new project. Boring Collection is a range of affordable office furniture, comprising archetypical shapes and all decked out in an intentionally mundane shade of grey. The collection was conceived as a comment on the all too bland look of other contract furniture or, on the other hand, distracting design that was put in a working environment inspired by Google-like surroundings. Going back to basics, the idea is that office furniture shouldn't demand too much attention but that it shoulld function as a decent, reliable background. 

A thing that is absolutely not boring, is the artwork Lernert & Sander developed. For this project, they turned to the most iconic gesture of boredom:  throwing a ball of crumpled paper into the trashcan until the clock hits five. Like the designers intended, the people steal the scene even though they are surrounded by the designs of Boring Collection. Once again, Lernert & Sander know how to impress using seamingly simple creations. Their concept will  also be translated in real life at this year’s Milan design week with an installation at Ventura Lambrate.