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10 dagen / 10 ontwerpers

During the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, 10 dagen / 10 ontwerpers was the playground of ten young furniture designers who decided that more is more and joined forces. Bram KerckhofsTim VrankenAlexandre Lowie,Ben StormsNel Verbeke, Pierric De Coster and Jonas Blondeel from DIALECTBrent NeveJozef Scholliers and Jielt Gregoire temporarily relocated to Seymour Park in Kortrijk. Each designer brought along their materials, tools and working gear. Together they created a makeshift communal studio that was open for public: everybody could walk in and see what these young guns were up to. Rough sketches, material studies and prototypes aplenty.

Instead of focusing on own projects, it was their aim to really share and work together. Each designer had to be open for suggestions and input of others, which lead to a most interesting cross-pollination between disciplines, materials and also between designer and audience.

After 10 days, they looked back on what they had done together and were ready to show the result. Every object that came out of this experiment was really a joint venture: one designer started and others went further with what they had in hands. There were no plans or no big scheme but everything came naturally and intuitive. Nobody knew what was going to come out of this experiment, or whether there would even be any output at all, so it was surprising to see so many different types of objects as a result.
In the end, 10 dagen/10 ontwerpers turned out to be a beautiful example of how working together and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to unexpected, creative solutions.