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The Judgement

PLUS ONE Gallery startes off on a good note, collaborating with Case Studyo to present the works of LA-based artist Cleon Peterson. 
Peterson's black and white figures might seem a bit Ancient Greek at first sight - warriors and battlefields aplenty -, but are full of references and critiques on our modern society. His chaotic, explicit paintings symbolize the battle between power and submission. The world he depicts is a world crawling with hostility, violence and unrest. Sex, drugs, stranggling and stabbing are regulars in his artistic expressions. 
'The Judgement', his first solo exhibition in Belgium, also features these traits, emphasizing the duality between victor and victim, black and white. As Peterson adds: "The world and the movements of people are extremely complex. What seems to be heroic from one side, is often the exact opposite from the other side."

'The Judgement' runs from 5/2 til 20/2 at PLUS ONE GALLERY in Antwerp, always on Friday and Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00, and by appointment.