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The latest WeberHodelFeder campaign looks like it's designed 1950 in Switzerland and it looks grand.

WHF is a Belgian shoe brand, founded by Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp fashion graduates Matthias Weber, Niklaus Hodel and Florian Feder. When the shoes hit the catwalk of their graduation show in 2012, Coccodrillo shop owner and initiator of the Antwerp Six Geert Bruloot, immediately placed his order, even before WHF was founded. The rest of the world quickly followed his footsteps.

Today WHF launches its Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The campaign was an idea of Swiss graphic designer Thomas Berger & artist Marcel Freymond who dug deep in the Bally archives and got inspired by mid century shoe billboards. Their interpretation on the WeberHodelFeder campaign is surprising and refreshing and a mix of techniques such as stencil like cut out, airbrush, flashy colours and clean product shots by Senne Van Der Ven.