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Salone del Mobile exhibition 'GOD' shows what happens in a society where money and power are the highest good.

Laura Baldassari and Alberto Biagetti, together Atelier Biagetti, analyse today's society's greatest obsession in an experimental design project curated by Maria Cristina Didero.
Since decades, our Western society has found an new all-consuming and all-powerful directory that is at the root of all our rules and aspirations and thus governs the way we live our lives: money.

Biagetti and Baldassari explore this subject by creating a place where the rites and rituals associated with money and the value attributed to it are carried out on every level. Every part of the installation is designed to provoke an emotional reaction from the visitors.

GOD is part of a series of design projects, analyzing contemporary society’s greatest obsessions:
Body Building (2015) examined power and beauty through the seemingly skin-deep subject of the human body
NO SEX (2016) addressed human psychology through the first basic element: sex