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We AA are not the same

The graduation collection by Laurence Leenaert is inspired by voodoo and African religion. Laurence has always been fascinated by religion in terms of communities or sects, she even hesitated to study religion instead of Fashion, we’ll thank God she didn’t…

For her collection WE AA ARE NOT THE SAME, where all models were followers and puppets of Laurence, she designed and dyed all textiles herself.
After graduating she started her own project LRNCE, she reused her textiles and made some pieces which she really needed herself, like some shorts, a sweater and a backpack,… She experiments with unexpected materials such as gold foil of wooden blocks or even found painting of artists.

The result is a very relaxed yet inspiring graphical collection. While Laurence herself is no occupied with some great internships, we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Design, Fashionanne van assche