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Charcoal is a collection of plates Baroness O. developed in collaboration with IKEA.
The problem was very simple, we were desperately seeking porcelain for our pop-up coffee bar and restaurant,The Plantshop. Luckily for us IKEA came along and kindly offered their porcelain, or a blank canvas for our creativity.

A very simple and thin line of charcoal inspires the collection. We wanted to keep it rather simple, but also playful, so you could arrange different geometrical setting and styles with one set. The beauty lies within the difference of all blurred lines.


1. Tape your plate
2. Use porcelain paint and a spongy brush and paint along the line of the tape
3. Peal of the tape
4. Bake the plates in the oven according to the instructions of the porcelain paint

Design, DIYanne van assche