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It’s that time of the year again, graduation time! We’re not really interested in those law students getting their degree, however we are interested in the fresh design talent that is released into the wonderful world of Design.
VOMO 14 is once again releasing a bunch of very talented furniture designers.
I already saw a preview of their work at DMY in Berlin, but I’m happy to say they kept the best for last.

As usual all designs are very different since all designers from different fields are joined for one year of furniture fun.
Some are very classical while others venture into the latest trends.

It’s surprising to see how young designers are still intrigued by trestles. It seems like everything has already been tried en tested however Ben Storms found his own way to bring something new to the table. Don’t be fooled because next to a very tactile table, this piece of furniture can be transformed into a mirror.

The interesting combination of materials such as marble, metal and leather is what makes this trestles table anything but ordinary.

The L series by Jan Jacobs is a good example of timeless design. The combination of raw metal and dark wood or leather is what makes it stand out. The dialogue between functionality and aesthetics results into a collection without secrets.

While other designs were more timeless Nicole Brock created a very contemporary piece with modernistic influences. Inspired by herself and her daily routine in front of the mirror she created a contemporary toilet table. Nicole realized modern women don’t have the time to sit down while getting ready, although they appreciate the luxury of being able to sit. By making use of magnets, Tabeau can easily be transformed from a seating toilet table into a standing one. Check out the video to see how this works.
A piece with graphical influences and designed with an eye for trends by mixing material and colors such as wood, steel, copper and mint.