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The Not Graduates

It wouldn’t be correct to only tell you about the graduates collection of La Cambre Mode(s) when we saw so many great designs of other students. In general the graduates collection felt safer, more wearable and more classical than the others.

Pretty logical since they are preparing themselves to be conquering a place in the extremely large world of very talented fashion designers. Only a few of those established designer are actually able to continue their out of the box haute couture.

However as designers, we do love out of the box and even a little crazy design. Naomi Courau, third year student at la camber showed us her perspective on contemporary gangster fashion. I must say it was pretty funny but also very fascinating at the same time.
A men collection with a lot of black in combination with gold jewelry adds a gangster feeling to her looks.

Accessories finish of the look, however in case of Fabien Verriest, they make the look.
Very clever and inspiring footwear design, a shoe that consist out of small wooden beams, which are attached to the food by crossing strings.

Last but certainly not least is fourth year student Louis-Gabriel Nouchi. His collection ‘I hate humans!’ left quite an impression, and not only because he let a naked model run down the runway. A geometrical inspired collection with a lot of oversized pieces and complementary color combinations.
We’re looking forward to what he’ll have to offer next year!

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