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First in line for the Belgian Fashion Graduation Shows is La Cambre Mode(s).
Fashion fever raised above all temperatures, even literally.

We decided to start of with these two very promising graduates, Doriane Van Overeem and Emmanuelle Lebas.

Its interesting color pallet and her special feeling for humor characterize the collection by Doriane Van Overeem. As a designer you shouldn’t take yourself to seriously. The stunning sunglass collection demands a large dose of self-confidence, however it adds a great amount of attitude to her silhouettes.
The extremely long pants add a certain edge to the colorful and feminine outfits.
But most importantly we fell in love with her beautiful use of colors and patterns.

Architectural minimalism drives the ‘Statuary’ collection by Emmanuelle Lebas. Clean but feminine lines in combination with pure color combinations result into timeless pieces.
Rumor says that the American label Opening Ceremony will produce some of her pieces.

One thing is for sure, the fashion industry shouldn’t fear a shortage of talent.

Fashionanne van assche