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Back to basics

Vipp – known for their sturdy, steel bathroom and kitchen accessories – has recently upped their range, expanding it with a very interesting concept: the Vipp Shelter.

This cabin, made entirely from steel as well, goes back to the original sense of a cabin. It provides for basic living, giving you a roof over your head when you need one. The compact 55 square meter shelter is not a house or a mobile home, but it is a hybrid, functioning as a spacious, livable object.
Since its designer Morten Bo Jensen is not an architect, this getaway is conceived more as an object or a product. Unlike architecture, it was not designed for a specific piece of land. The buyer is absolutely free to choose where to put it. Jensen compares it to an airplane or boat: “Large volume objects like a plane or a ferry are a clear reference in the design, like these products the shelter is a voluminous, transportable, complex design construction.”

As a (furniture) design company, Vipp‘s aesthetic approach is visible throughout the whole shelter. It was a priority to match all products in the minimal interior, creating a recognizable, well-balanced look. Steel – the company’s preferred material – is a recurring element in the exterior and interior, and the kitchen and accessories are off course also all signed Vipp. Window frames let in nature, making sure the environment is an integral part of your stay in the Vipp Shelter.