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Homemade Shade

Arnaud Eubelen is a young Belgian designer based in Liège. He studied industrial design at ESA Saint-Luc in Liège and at ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels.
In 2014, Arnaud launched Goldson, a new brand of handcrafted sunglasses. Setting up a collection of six different models coming in various shapes and shades, Goldson reinvents the traditional wooden glasses.
The idea was to use simple and natural materials such as wood, brass and glass in order to simplify the fabrication and assemblage of the object and therefore to allow a homemade production.
Several tools have been designed to achieve this project: the laser-cut frames and branches are bent using wooden templates; the frames are then chamfered and dyed by hand. The whole piece is finally assembled following a new system, without using any screws or glue.
This process enables Arnaud to cut the number of operations usually encountered with conventional building methods, to increase the strength, flexibility and lightness of his glasses and to reduce the cost of this must-have accessory.
And the great thing is: Goldson will come in a new range of exotic wood this next coming month!