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Small Bodies of the Solar System

Inspired by fluid shapes and everyday functionality, Lilit Asiryan, Stephanie Specht and Thomas Salzer launch a limited pottery collection. This capsule collection reflects the creative clash of ideas that comes from mixing three very different designers. The cups and jugs mingle craft, art, graphics and illustration reflect the three artists’ creative heritage. Combining timeless craft with free artistry, they draw inspiration from space and nature. The work starts with the clay from the Swedish soil and ends in space where each object has lent its shape from moons and asteroids. 

The collection includes jugs, cups, coffee pots, letter holders and posters. The colors of the glazes reflect and harmonize with the ever-changing and subtle nuances of the Swedish nature. All pieces in this collection are made in Thomas Salzer’s workshop in the woods of Western Sweden, right on the border with Norway. Every piece is a one of a kind and and produced in very limited amounts.

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